Supervision philosophy

Supervision is not only an ethical requirement, but also it is a vital resource to ensure that you and your clients are safe.

I aim to provide a warm, safe, professional environment for you to explore all aspects of your client work.

I will endeavour to encourage your development and effectiveness as a counsellor while ensuring that you maintain safe, professional and ethical standards of practice.

The needs of your clients will be the main focus of our work, but also there will be time for you to look at your own needs, as I believe that your well-being is vital to ensure good working practice. This will include exploring any issues that arise that impact on your work while maintaining the boundaries between supervision and personal therapy.


Supervision will take place at least once each month and when working with trainees

I abide by BACP ethical guidance on frequency

£40 per hour or £60 per 1.5 hour session
£30 per hour or £45 per 1.5 hour session. (student rate)

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